Sunday, October 4, 2015

October... my favorite month!!!!

This month will be great indeed!!! I am allowed to have 6 social club activities around Halloween, here are the activities I was thinking of:
- Masters of Horror
Open discussion about reading habits, interesting facts and famous quotes by horror masters (Poe, Lovecraft, among others).
Lesson Focus: Lexis & Speaking.
- Gothic Martha Stewart
It is about time to be as creative as we can! Let's work on an awesome halloween decoration ourselves. 
Lesson Focus: Lexis & Speaking.
- Freaky Friday
What would happen if the life you have is not the one you want? There are million of possibilities, what life would you have chosen instead of yours? Whether you are happy with what you have or not, this one-of-a-lifetime experience will shake you to the bone.
Lesson Focus: Grammar & Writing
- The Witching Hour
In this lesson we will learn more about our magical legacy. Interesting magical customs around the world that even today are followed. A night of spells, finding our roots. 
Lesson Focus: Listening & Writing
- Survival Quest "Zombie Attack"
If the zombie apocalypse was a fact... would you be prepared? In this lesson we will learn useful tips to survive and we will be able to test them.
Lesson Focus: Functional Language &  Speaking
- Welcome to Hogwarts
A two-hour lesson where students will have the closest Harry Potter experience ever (unless they go to Orlando... I cannot fight that lol). We will chose students' houses, there will be the three wizard tourniment, we will look for the 7 Horrorcruxes... 
If you have any other suggestion, let me know. I'm still planning this one.
Lesson Focus: Lexis & Speaking
Well, still trying to organiza info... I want my laptop back!!! Thanx for reading :D