Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Down with love xD

Well, this beginning of the year has been hectic. Having gone through eye-opening situations has given me the strength to move on, although these situations have not been so pleasant.
Anyway, time to go to the point! This month I start classes in a new center, yesterday was my very first day and let me tell you this place is awesome. It would be great to keep working there for a longer period, however, only time will tell. My proposal for the monthly activities of the center was:

American & British English Basics

Which word is correct: organise or organize? Center or centre? Neighbor or neighbour? What if I tell you that both are correct? Why? It is time to find it out in this social club. Having awareness of such details make us stronger English learners and understanding the basics of America & British English will take us a step forward.

Everlasting Couples: Love Fest

Love has been one of the strongest forces running our lives. From fantasy couples who have taught us what love is supposed to feel like, to our own experience… we all have our definition of romantic love. In this Social Club, we will learn how to express this feeling through practical language in some cases and poetic language in others. Be prepared to celebrate beauty, freedom, truth and love.

Grammar Games for survivals

In-on-at… aren’t they confusing sometimes? How about possessives? When to use the verb “to be” and when “Do”? My friends, these grammar games are for you. Let’s have fun while we learn!

The black sheep of the family

You love and know your family, don’t you? Let’s introduce your family to the class and tell us who the black sheep is. Is it your nephew? Is it your granny? Is it your dad? Maybe it is you! (Social club about family vocabulary)

How to use new vocabulary in our daily practice

Have you ever felt that you know and recognize lots of words in texts you read, when people talk to you in English, when you listen to music... BUT you don't use those words in your daily English practice? Well, it happens to us all. Let's learn some tips and exercises about how to use vocabulary we know in unexpected ways.

Let´s see how it turns!!! :D
2016... interesting beginning indeed.