Sunday, August 9, 2015

Social Club: I wanna be a writer

This will be my unofficial first entry, still testing the app in order to organize the content I have for you!

I´m a brand new teacher, before being promoted I used to be a Personal Tutor and this blog intends to share my teaching practice while I learn how to be a better teacher.  A month ago I did my CELTA in Cuenca, Ecuador. I would like to share what I do for my clases with other teachers, if the resources provided are useful then feel free to use them as long as you tell me how it went.

Today's social club is about writing (we call social clubs to classes where the main focus is on practicing skills by having fun), since I never have the same group of students nor the same number, this class is developed to suit these conditions.

'I wanna be a writer' is a  1-hour class where we will check lexis and writing in a fun way.
Working on the answer key and timing was challenging, I did the exercises myself and I doubled the time I took to finish them for the procedure sheet disclosed.

 Procedure Sheet I wanna be a Writer Page 1
Author: Fernanda Moreno/ Lain
Level: Intermediate/ Upper Intermediate
Procedure Sheet I wanna be a Writer Page 2 
Author: Fernanda Moreno/ Lain

I am a fashion designer and an English teacher who has good bases of programs like Photoshop and Illustrator used to create the 'I wanna be a writer' worksheet.

Exercise 1: Source, my own.
Exercise 2: Adapted from the following source:Words&Things Workshops, Seccion C, 14-line Poem. Page 85.

This class will be tested with students soon (12/08/15)... the next blog entry will be about how it went, hopefully I will post some pics.

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Thanx guys.

Procedure Sheet I wanna be a Writer Page 3
Author: Fernanda Moreno/ Lain

From Personal Tutor to Certified Teacher :D

Having fun with my students! :D
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