Tuesday, April 26, 2016

May... let's receive my birthday with hardwork!

Special classes for our students in the brand new branch (my new job in the same family!!! which I am so greatful for!! My birthday is on May 7th... let's receive my 29th year on this earth with hardwork!!

Social Club: Internet language (all levels)
Internet has become part of our lives, we use a variety of tools which use internet, but how good are with at using those resources in English? Social Networks, web language, popular memes, searching tools… they don´t have to be a mystery anymore.

Grammar Workshop S: Parts of the speech/ possessives
Parts of the speech,  object pronouns, possessive adjectives, possessive pronouns.

Grammar Workshop W: Parts of the speech/ Gerunds and Infinitives
Parts of the speech, What is a gerund? Uses of gerunds, verbs with gerunds and/or infinitives.  

Grammar workshop UW and T: Parts of the speech / Word Families
Parts of the speech, word families:  common prefixes and  suffixes.

Social Club: Shakespearean Rhapsody  ( W, UW & T)

Shakespeare is the father on English language… but why? We will find it out during this class through a series of vocabulary games and a rap song.