Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Teaching Writing, helping students to organize their ideas

Worksheet: I wanna be a writer
Source: Own Source
Author: Fernanda Moreno/ Lain

I´m a new teacher at Wall Street English in Quito, before being promoted I used to be Personal Tutor.
This blog is intended to share my teaching practice. As a final assigment, I am to do a lesson plan with a modified strategy using a skill of my preference... I chose writing (It is time to produce! lol).
I would like to share what I do for my clases with other teachers, if the sources I share with you are useful then feel free to use them as long as you tell me how it went!

This is a 1-hour lesson where we will check lexis and writing in a fun way.
In order to work on the answer key and check how long students should work on the exercises, I did the exercises myself and I doubled the time I took to finish them.

I am a fashion designer and an English teacher who has good bases in the use of photoshop and illustrator: useful tools for this worksheet I wanna be a writer.

Exercise 1: Source, my own,
Exercise 2: Modified from the following source:Words&Things Workshops, Seccion C.

Comments are well received :D

Thanx guys.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

July Social Clubs

It has been a difficult period mainly because when you think things cannot go any worse... they do! yet, my job has given me the strenght to overcome this situation.

This month social clubs are:

Poetry workshop  (Waystage and up)
Have you ever been inspired enough to let the words speak freely through you? How about doing it using English as vehicle? I bet you will find it rather amusing.

Grammar Doctor  (one for S, W, UW & T)
Students bring up their questions about grammar so we learn together.

Holiday Pictionary  (Survivals and Waystage)
It’s time to train our memory through pictures!

WSE Penpals (Survivals)  Activity planned with other centers if possible, otherwise it can be done in two schedules, one in the afternoon and one in the morning so both groups share their ideas asynchronously.
Our students have been learning with us for a while, but not all of them know how other students feel like being a survival student. It is time to share experiences through one of the most releasing experiences: writing.

Traveling around the world (Survivals and Waystage)
What is China like? What is India like? What is to travel around the world like? It is time to find it out; there is no need to physically leave the classroom to imagine how travel is like.

Origami Session (All levels)
Students will learn how to fold paper in the most creative ways possible.

God Save the Queen!  (Upperwaystage and up)
Reading club were we will learn and discuss interesting facts about the UK, Australia, part of Canada and every other place where UK’s sovereignty has spread.

Sci-fi Basics (Upper Waystage and up)

Star wars, Star trek, Star Gate SG1, The X-Files… what do they have in common? How come do some people like this so controversial genre? Maybe you are a fan and you want to share what you think about the subject, or maybe you are just a curious person who would like to know more about this unknown world. Either way you are welcome to join.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

May... let's receive my birthday with hardwork!

Special classes for our students in the brand new branch (my new job in the same family!!! which I am so greatful for!! My birthday is on May 7th... let's receive my 29th year on this earth with hardwork!!

Social Club: Internet language (all levels)
Internet has become part of our lives, we use a variety of tools which use internet, but how good are with at using those resources in English? Social Networks, web language, popular memes, searching tools… they don´t have to be a mystery anymore.

Grammar Workshop S: Parts of the speech/ possessives
Parts of the speech,  object pronouns, possessive adjectives, possessive pronouns.

Grammar Workshop W: Parts of the speech/ Gerunds and Infinitives
Parts of the speech, What is a gerund? Uses of gerunds, verbs with gerunds and/or infinitives.  

Grammar workshop UW and T: Parts of the speech / Word Families
Parts of the speech, word families:  common prefixes and  suffixes.

Social Club: Shakespearean Rhapsody  ( W, UW & T)

Shakespeare is the father on English language… but why? We will find it out during this class through a series of vocabulary games and a rap song.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Down with love xD

Well, this beginning of the year has been hectic. Having gone through eye-opening situations has given me the strength to move on, although these situations have not been so pleasant.
Anyway, time to go to the point! This month I start classes in a new center, yesterday was my very first day and let me tell you this place is awesome. It would be great to keep working there for a longer period, however, only time will tell. My proposal for the monthly activities of the center was:

American & British English Basics

Which word is correct: organise or organize? Center or centre? Neighbor or neighbour? What if I tell you that both are correct? Why? It is time to find it out in this social club. Having awareness of such details make us stronger English learners and understanding the basics of America & British English will take us a step forward.

Everlasting Couples: Love Fest

Love has been one of the strongest forces running our lives. From fantasy couples who have taught us what love is supposed to feel like, to our own experience… we all have our definition of romantic love. In this Social Club, we will learn how to express this feeling through practical language in some cases and poetic language in others. Be prepared to celebrate beauty, freedom, truth and love.

Grammar Games for survivals

In-on-at… aren’t they confusing sometimes? How about possessives? When to use the verb “to be” and when “Do”? My friends, these grammar games are for you. Let’s have fun while we learn!

The black sheep of the family

You love and know your family, don’t you? Let’s introduce your family to the class and tell us who the black sheep is. Is it your nephew? Is it your granny? Is it your dad? Maybe it is you! (Social club about family vocabulary)

How to use new vocabulary in our daily practice

Have you ever felt that you know and recognize lots of words in texts you read, when people talk to you in English, when you listen to music... BUT you don't use those words in your daily English practice? Well, it happens to us all. Let's learn some tips and exercises about how to use vocabulary we know in unexpected ways.

Let´s see how it turns!!! :D
2016... interesting beginning indeed.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

May the force be with you, write down your new year's resolutions!

I had so much fun preparing this class for the next year... this piece belongs to another worksheet I created from the scratch. The world of teaching is a vast ground where everything is possible; it's great to try new things with my students. I hope they enjoy it!
Star Wars has been an engaging sphere I just discovered, eventhough it has been there for quite a while. Aaaaanyways, here is this piece. Thanx for reading.

May the force be with you!

New year´s resolutions by Fernanda/ Lain